I am not into TV programming at all, but do let me be the first to say that since this show, POWER, has been around; I have literally been glued to my seat.

POWER is not only the show with all of the right  elements to entertain you, but also possesses a compeling story line that hits home every single episode. The show is filled with so  many beautiful people and the craziest FASHION that you have to pay attention closely to get it all! Curtis 50 Cent Jackson and Courtney Kemp really hit it out of the park with this one and the numbers have proven it!


STARZ announced Tuesday that the series will resign for 2 additional seasons on the premium cable channel. The request for the fourth and fifth season came after the record setting ratings Sunday for season 3’s premiere! I am not sure if you got a chance to catch it, but it is totally worth the binge.

STARZ moved “POWER” from its regular Friday night slot to Sunday night for season three. The effects ended up being a world premiere that drew 2.26 million total viewers! That number was up by 58% from the season two premiere and the most ever for a STARZ original series. Now that is what you call good business on every level especially because 50 just filled bankruptcy! This should get him set back up pretty nice.

Now that we know the show will still be airing I am sure everyone is just as excited as I am and I truly hope the story line remains as thick and juicy as it is. And although we know how challenging it is to keep the juice thermometer scprtching hot, 50 and Kemp say they have no plans of letting up now.

Signing Off!
-Tasha Bouè