This article will center on the health and wellness genre and the purveyor of a specific product that is gaining a lot of attention worldwide. As we strive to live our best lives maximizing technology, but also maintaining a strong balance as it relates to our continual health goals, Warren Jack has a very interesting device that can be used as a companion piece for a myriad of products that we all utilize to make our lives more convenient in both our professional and personal lives.  My intent with this interview is to both educate the audience and shed some light on the ongoing debate as it relates to our increased exposure to EMF’s (electromagnetic frequency devices).

And, trust and believe, that a collaboration between Warren and heART of Cool will be manifesting soon.

HoC Interview:

HoC:  What is EMF?

WJ:  EMF stands for electromagnetic frequencies which is the energy needed to drive an operate today’s cellular devices.

HoC: How did you come to the realization of the specific EMF device you are marketing towards via health and wellness platform?

WJ:  Many years ago, I believe in the summer of 2002, I was vacationing in Asia.  While I was in the country of Korea, I noticed that the children had a device on their cell phones I asked my friend what it was, and he said he did not know.  I asked one of the young people if I could see the device. I did a little research and found out that the device was to help protect the user from the EMF that cell phones are generating this is when I started to investigate exactly what our cell phones and other devices were doing to our health and to the environment  I then came to the realization that the Koreans were on to something way before the rest of the world, they had discovered before anyone that cellular usage is toxic to your health.  It was at that point that I decided to market a product that would protect the user and at the same time not interfere with the reception of the cellular device.

HoC: What is your intention within making a global impact as it relates to educating consumers on the specifics of the EMF device?

WJ: Well first an educated consumer is a smart consumer, so my intention is to educate the general public first on what EMF is, how it relates to our devices, why our cellular devices work, and then introducing our product. THE ZORB, which protects the user from the harmful waves being generated by the device and at the same time does not interfere with the efficiency of the cell phone.

HoC:  You were recently at the BET awards venue in LA representing your product. What feedback did you receive from the attendees?

WJ:  While we were promoting our product at the BET Awards we had positive feedback from patrons. I feel that we connected and made contacts with many people and helped in educating them to the dangers of EMF and the protection options available.

HoC: What everyday devices transmit what you would deem “unhealthy” signals towards consumers and how does your EMF device shield against that negative exposure?

WJ: First, all of today’s cellular devices are generating EMF which we now know is toxic to the public.  We can’t stop using today’s cellular technology, consumers have become too dependent on it. Basically, the entire world of business, social economic, etc. would grind to a halt if we stop using our devices. The alternative is to use a device, THE ZORB, which is guaranteed to absorb up to 92% of the harmful wave (EMF) being produced by today’s cell phones.

HoC:  What does the future hold as it relates to your vision of the specific EMF device you are currently marketing?

WJ In regard to the question, please note that the government has recently approved to step up service to 5G.  While this will give incredible service to the customer, it will virtually double the amount of EMF!!!  It is now even more important to protect ourselves, and the environment. As the technology continues to grow and advance, the EMF will continue to grow as well. Our products will continue to advance and grow as we strive to aid in protecting the public as they use their daily cellular devices.

For more information on EMF and to view other products that promote health and wellness please visit Warren Jack’s platform at: Millennium Products Inc.