With a hieroglyphic lazer Light studded beginning in the video, “Echo”, is nothing short of galactic with a simple and refreshing artistic twist. In fact, this musical creation enamored me so that even though it was released December of last year, it’s still the best way to kick off 2019 after my hiatus from writing heARTicles (articles).

A part of Swizz Beats first project in over a decade, POISON, and featuring none other than the legendary Queens, Ny native lyricist, Nasir Jones, “Echo” showcases both Swizz and Nasir shining in the light filled Mori Digital Art Museum in Tokyo, Japan. Poetic and captivating in the most simplistic way, “Echo” reminds you of the power soulful hip-hop possesses as it literally envelops your spirit in an unexpected way.

Two Kings, veterans of one of the most legendary genres of music, spitting lyrics about life and the evolution of the being traveling through it – this song is all about the crux of everything. And to add a touch of refined eloquence and juxtaposition,  ballet dancers are woven all throughout the visual presentation. With repetitions of one of the most crucial lines in the song, the chorus: “I know some fake niggas living a lie. I know some real niggas ready to die,” “Echo” in a Candid fashion projects a reality that many will recognize whether in politics or Entertainment. And that is, those who gain public notoriety that fake like they are authentic and real often times are not and those who you may never learn about that are actually living the lives the people in the public sphere are talking about behind the scenes, tend to be the realest ones.

Directed by Hoedown and Vincent Lou Film, Light beings, check out the video, “Echo”.

💜Love & Light☀,