Well, it’s about time Gucci Dapper Me Down with some Art specs that capture the highlights of fashion with a galactic artistic twist. It’s Art Tuesdays, and yes, visual Art is an obvious representation of what the world has learned to label Art today. However, fashion is Art just the same. The only difference is that in fashion, Art shimmers on the canvas of apparel or spectacles, belts and Jewlry.  Within the Art world, the canvas changes but the energy and artistic appeal does not.

Dapper Dan first made a name for himself in the 1980s with his custom made-to-order pieces that repurposed logos from luxury fashion houses like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and more into new designs. Unfortunate, he was forced to close his famous Harlem boutique in 1992 after being sued by several major brands. However, as a result of collaborating with Gucci, it appears that Dapper Dan has risen. Inspired by the streets of Harlem and Dapper Dan’s custom pieces from his ’80s archives, the Dapper Dan/ Gucci collection, which includes 300+ vintage pieces, ranges from apparel to footwear, eyewear, leather bags, and more. Mixing the spirit of a Legendary designer from Harlem with the Italian Fashion House, Ari Marcopoulo produced some pretty dapper photos, 40 of which was used in the official Look book.

By the way, my favorite piece from this collection are the clear frames you see below with a crystal black acetate frame!

💜Love & Light☀,