Today, on March 22, 2019, I am beginning a journey centered around the divine femininity within the African Diaspora that truly exists within us all. I will go from Los Angeles, CA to New York, NewYork and continue to Doha, 🇶🇦 and finally land in Johannesburg, SA🇿🇦, where I will then venture to about 90 minutes west to the city to The Valley Village & Spa situated in the Cradle Of Human Kind, home to 40% of the world’s human ancestor fossils.

IMARA powered by @the.coloredgirl has invited me to share in a once in a lifetime magical and healing experience with a collective of other women of many persuasions, passions, visions and intentions. What roots us all together beyond our femininity is the  light 💡 that sparks ⚡️ within us and the power to individually and collectively harness that light to HEAL, LOVE and TRANSFORM the world  by first loving and transforming ourselves. This spiritual summons to be a part of a sisterhood and queenship is not just another thing I am going to that I can simply check off the list. As Idil Ahmed implies, this thing right here, “is THAT thing” – THE absolute most sacred and trailblazing encounter that my soul 🔮 is thirsting for.

What we are on the brink of discovering from the experiences IMARA has divinely curated will trigger profound 🌳GROWTH🌳 that is directly linked to the fulfillment of our destiny on this planet 🌍. Yep, it’s that SERIOUS. I AM so grateful and humbled to be among the souls and Queens, who received the call and accepted the quest to partake in this journey of the soul.

Victory & Tory,  🌈I ❤️ YOU two and appreciate you all for creating a space that is truly for us that will truly extend across the globe and transcend the worldview of the status quo.  I AM truly honored.

💜Love & Light☀,