Let’s try something a little out of the ordinary. Today, we are going to focus on the present and not the past, perhaps a little more so towards the future as the virtual camera will center on you.

I want you to become the best thing that ever happened to you!  Fall back in love with every beautiful flaw and perfection in equal measure and allow your light to emanate from the creative spirit housed in the form of exquisite flesh and bone.  Today, is the day to begin this new journey and it’s not just about acceptance of who you are or what you were created to accomplish in this life, but about the air you breathe in conscious intent as it gives you sustenance to manifest in absolute power!  Be present in those quiet and not so quiet moments, whether it be watching the scenery as you are walking along a path for exercise, or in a club banging to the music of a featured DJ.  Don’t just find a mirror and look at your reflection for surface level reasons,  but utilize your inherent senses and look beyond the reflection and gaze. Look upon the great things that you have yet to experience or to create that will have a holistic impact within your amazing journey.  And remember, it’s not rocket science, but something better because it’s all about you!!