To those who do not know, parties are the perfect way to create the perfect environment for people to come out of their shells and let loose no matter the craziness life swings your way. And come to find out after personal experience, no one knows that better than Mr.Legendary Damon!

Damon has been throwing parties for the past 15 years and was a curator well before the popular term popped up as everyone’s favorite “new” professional title. Damon has worked with brands as high end as Hennessy to as organic as his homegirl around the way! His track record for creating a party experience where people actually dance and interact speaks volumes, but it’s the LOVE from his guests that he get’s, that is the real kicker.


This past GRAMMY weekend, Legendary Damon personally invited Heart Of Cool along with director; Billy Woodroof, singer; Kelis and DJ Rashida among others to partner with him for his 7th Annual Grammy Party. And man was it a good time. The curation of music was insane and we heard Kelis DJ for the first time as she dropped a new hott record that everyone should definitely be on the look out for. Whoever knew she was a DJ? Damon knew, that’s who, and that is the bottom line.

Damon allowed HOC to combine world’s with the COOL KIDS that we as Cool Kids respect and it truly was nothing short of an honor for Cris and I. Being yourself is what truly makes you cool and based on our experience, there is no doubt in our mind that Legendary Damon has created an atmosphere that allows people to do just that!


From the amazing people you come in contact with to hearing the nostalgic music you thought you forgot about, this is an experience like non other. Damon has built an amazing realtionship with Cris and it is the most creative collaboration you have yet to see. HOC is always welcoming new love into the house and Legendary Damon gets that HOC love for sure so check out our recap video of the highlights of one of our collaborations and look out for more.

Signing Off!
– TB