Today, was NATIONAL COMING OUT DAY to those who were not aware!

National coming out day is a day that has been recognised for the past 10 years. This day has allowed gay, lesbian and transgenders to come out and not feel judged about who they are. One out of every two Americans has someone close to them who is either gay or lesbian. For transgender people, that number is only one in 10. This shows us that whether we are aware or not, someone somewhere is dealing with feeling scared, unwanted, judged or just flat out lonely. The suicide rate for gay and transgenders has risen since 2008 tremendously. This day allows people of all ages and all walks of life an opportunity to share with the people they love, who they feel they really are.


As I dove into researching the holiday and understand what it stands for I found that this day has actually saved a lot of kids lives across the globe. It really shows how important universal support is no matter how strong you are or make yourself believe. Coming out is something that you never know is an issue until you have to deal with it and this is fact. The things that are connected to being who you are, will always be the true test.

It takes strength and massive loads of courage to “come out”. I have seen it go many ways, but in the end it shakes up homes and deep rooted love, especially when people don’t understand. I have heard some critics say you can be born this way while others view it as some sort of disease, none of which is right.

My hope is that everyone can be Ok with being themselves. This is the true call to life. When we truly understand souls have no gender and it’s all a love operation, we will see a shift. I think the true understanding is just sharing and having no fear or shame about what you see for your life. This day was created to empower YOU TO BE YOU!

Signing Off!