Greetings and welcome back to another light transmission,

It is with great reverence that I come to you today to discuss the purpose of your Higher Self. This version of you has been with you throughout your many lives. Your Highest Self has an overview of your life forward and backward, all directions you may take and the life path you originally planned for your Self. It is asked of you now to make contact with this aspect of you. You may simply make mental contact, verbally communicate or even write to your Higher Self. Knowing that you are always heard and responded do in divine timing.


You are a multidimensional being, especially those of you who receive this transmission. We are continuously moving into our multidimensional awareness of life. The lines between the Spirit world and the physical world are thinning more than ever before in our timeline. This is due to the clearing of karma and the elevation of vibration in all sentient beings. As you continue to make progress in your earthly lives, you are asked to release your own will for the will of the Divine.


Connecting daily with your Highest Self, as well as your Spiritual Guides in the higher realms. Make time daily to quite the mind and to go within to receive these subtle energies. It is of importance now in this time of great shifts to listen to the inklings of your Soul. You may be called to renew relationships or to rid your Self of stale relationships. You may feel incline to pursue a new avenue of artistic expression, or a career change. Your diet and sleep patterns may differ from what was previously your normal. You may become more sensitive to the information that you allow into your vibration. All of these are symptoms of the changes that are occurring now in your multidimensional experience.


I encourage you to continue along the path that you are treading, you are being asked to trust. Trust that all is working out for you and that all will be revealed in divine timing. You are exactly where you are meant to be now; experiencing what is for your highest good. Trust in the process. Seek the truth within daily and connect on all levels to your Spiritual Guide, you are never alone dear One.

Sending you love and healing energies,
Kyle Polansky