This week’s heART of cool Art Tuesdays revolves around a young visionary and Parisian Innovator I met while in Paris for fashion week. His name is Ivan, pioneer of magazine Carnet D’Ivoire. A silkscreen expert, a consummate Artist and an all-around natural-born trailblazer, Ivan has truly taken the Art of magazine creation to an entire new level, creating a work of art that is truly his masterpiece, woven with the innovative fabrics of his imagination.

Ivan blew me away when he told about the movement behind Carnet D’Ivoire. mean. He literally built every single page of the magazine including the cover, from scratch. Ivan constructed the publication with his very own hands, leaving not even the slightest detail unattended. He incorporated a myriad of artforms in the project, from silksreen to risograph to laser-printing. And only 100 of these precious magazines were made and also sold with a vinyl of Marc Baptiste Di Marco. To op the extravagance of the entire idea off, there also exists a special box edition limited to only 5 copies, one of which Colette was sure to snag.

What I find most fascinating and ironic at the same time, is that while the physical publication of magazines as a whole has drastically declined since the rise of the internet, forcing most publications to venture into the online space; Ivan has created one of the most brilliantly creative contributions to the physical magazine portfolio. And enjoying it online is simply not an option. Ivan shows us how to appreciate and value the Art of magazine creation in its most physical, tangible and artistic form.

One of the most treasured gems in traveling overseas lies in all of the dynamic and beautiful people you meet with diverse passions and talents. It is like a wild safari and exploration of discovery that is endless if you are courageous enough to genuinely connect with the people you meet along the way. You discover new ways of looking at the world; new ways of doing and new ways of being.

What Ivan taught me in our dialogue is how to bring the highest element of authenticity and craftsmanship to whatever idea you decide to manifest in the physical. He literally is the chef of the magazine industry, creating recipes of text and iconography made from scratch. He is surely a man that understands the importance of being connected to his artform in a unique way and I am grateful for him sticking to his guns and creating such a noteworthy piece of Art!

Ivan, thank you for your vision and your delicate execution of that vision. It is truly inspiring. You are officially heART of cool STAMPED.

Be sure to check out the video showcasing Ivan making Carnet D’Ivoire by hand. It is fascinating.

💜Love & Light🌞,