I was talking to a few friends yesterday and they asked what did I know about BUSCEMI!

Good thing I was able to think on my feet because I have been a fan of the brand and designer behind the brand for quite some time. JON BUSCEMI, who first entered the fashion game working at Oliver Peoples, has now created one of the largest shoe brands in the world. I guess that’s what they mean when they say you gotta start somewhere!


BUSCEMI has been an emerging brand for the past 5 years in counting; and since then, so much has changed. The brand has touched into a few lanes, starting with shoes and even touching accessories; and now that I think on it, and maybe even a back pack from time to time.


The point is, he has totally outdone himself with this one. BUSCEMI, has created what is being called one of the most expensive shoes ever made! YES, that is correct! He has made a version of the BUSCEMI classic style half top shoe. The only difference is, this pair is draped in diamonds.


The sneaker is encrusted with 11.5 karats of diamonds. Buscemi’s famous 18-karat-gold, detailing on a high end tumbled leather white upper top! The sneaker was originally revealed on September 8th at Buscemi’s SoHo flagship opening party. It is said that the sneaker is only available in-store at that location and will retail for a whopping $132,000. Yes, this totally blew me away as well. Until I saw them; I actually thought for a second (with me being the shoe junkie I am), how could I tell myself this purchase wouldn’t be worth it??


And honestly, I still can’t be sure, but I would love to know what you guys think!

Signing Off!