Greetings Dear One, I wish you wellness on this divine day.

Today we are discussing the Mother—her importance in our vitality and overall health and wealth. Without the Mother, we wouldn’t have a home to call our own. Mother Earth is as sentient as we are if not, far greater. She creates a vibration so dense that we are able to birth into physical form upon her vessel. To carry out our lives and lessons on her skin, our ascension is where she begins.


As our Mother, it is not only our duty but also our privilege to protect her. As we have our ascension process, also does she on a planetary scale. We are here to live in solidarity, to be nurtured and to nurture nature. As we’ve evolved, we have become detached from our Mother in exaggerated ways. One step we can take to regain our connection to our Mother is to place our soles upon her skin.


Earthing is the simple process of being barefoot in nature. Removing ones shoes and stepping out on Mothers bare skin to absorb her natural electrolytes and healing electro magnetics pulses. This process allows your natural energetic flow to sync with Mother to assist to ground your energy. It is a natural anti-depressant, just as Sun gazing assists, as does Mother. We as Earthlings need nature; it is our natural state of existence. We are composed of the same organic material that resides within Mother and all sentient life on this planet.


I invite you to recharge your energy daily by spending time barefoot in nature. This will not only allow you to be grounded, but will also assist you in your own ascension process. It is healing to spend 45-60 minutes daily barefoot outside. Walking slowly, standing or sitting with your feet rooted into the ground. You can imagine roots extending from your pelvic floor into Mothers core, aligning your energy with Hers. Focus on your breath, inhale her healing crystalline energy and exhale any stress or worry.



Sending you love and healing energies—
Kyle Polansky