Well, well, well here we are family! Christmas is well underway and the end of the year is approaching and indeed among us. It has been a colossal and ground breaking year for Cris and I along with  the Heart of Cool movement. It’s hard to believe that our one year anniversay is coming up in February. Man,  its gone by like the speed of light.

We started HOC with the intent to make a social impact in business, art, and in life! In the midst of laying the bricks, we have endured, learned and achieved many things. And you know what? All we can say is that we are supremely blessed. Don’t get us wrong, being in business for yourself has its set of challenges and is the opposite of easy and conventional that is for sure. But all of the ups and downs make the process that much more rewarding. And all of the trials reveal the depths of who we are as human beings.

This year, we have found that GRATEFULNESS is our anchor, FAITH is our compass and LOVE is our guide. We also have found that one of the best ways to learn is to do and that is exactly what 2015 was for us. A year of ACTION.

We started in NY at Fashion Week where we shot our first COOL GUIDE, entitled “Fearless” creative directed by Ryan Prescott.  We were so inspired by our first photo shoot that we creative directed and produced the next COOL GUIDE, “Summer Livin”, shot by Trigger Chrome  and Creative Directed by Cris and I.  Boy, did we learn the ins and outs of EVERYTHING involved in an editorial photo shoots.
We returned to New York for NYFW Spring 2015 and hosted a soft launch for Heart of Cool.

Cristen embarked upon a Europen excursion and journey that not only expanded our level of reach, but taught us things about each other and our incredible potential to embrace other cultures and cultivate international business. This was truly a great and pivotal point for us not to mention it showed our ability to divide and conquer. Cristen came back with a fire and fresh look. She even decided to give up alcohol for an entire year and started the Turnt Up Sober Chronicles shortly after that, which motivated me.

After Europe we regrouped back in LA for an amazing Afro Beat party to send our close friends, Sam Desalu and Ron Bass to Tanzania to provide resources and love to the children orphanages there.

This element being accomplished was another corner stone for us as we had tapped into something that was the CORE of what HOC stands for – spreading LOVE and serving others. Shortly after we curated Art of Glow in partnership with the NWO gallery in Miami at Art Basel 2015.

At this point we are at the front door of the holidays and are 100% grateful that we can still bring a part of us and our travel to you. If you are reading this we are sure you are someone that is authentically cool from the inside out as this is what Heart Of Cool is all about. When you come here make yourself comfortable and be the best YOU that YOU can be. That’s what we want!

And as the year closes and the dawn of a new year approaches, just know that we have some amazing things lined up for the HOC Movement. In 2016, we will be releasing our special collaborative pieces as well as some cool new feattures and offerings to the website. There is no doubt that the HOC community will continue to grow in many different ways as we grow as human beings and wel look forward to sharing our growth with you.

Before we go we want to leave you with this.

The New Year is approaching and life is not promised. We ask if you could do one thing different just one; to show someone you love that you appreciate them RIGHT NOW, while they are still living.

Do That. Make That Promise To Yourself. Let’s Practice Not Waiting Until It’s Too Late. R.I.P. Dj Timbuk2.


Signing Off

Cris & Tash