Most of the country is winding down from work and spending a bit more time at home hopefully with family or friends near by. As we settle in and celebrate the holidays the Heart of Cool team has gathered some of our favorite ways to enjoy the holidays.  This list isn’t to be confused with yet another gift guide or reason to buy into America’s inflated sense of consumerism yet this list is some of our favorite things that elevate our holiday spirit and allow us to cherish the moment.

Check out our holiday must haves below!




The winter holiday is a time to relax, drink hot coco and lounge around with family and friends around the fire place as you share and create priceless conversations and memories. And one of the best ways to partake in this experience is in a plush, comfy, swagged out onesy. My top three choices for this year’s onesy is Kigu’s Skeleton,  Berzerk Jumpsuit from One Piece,  and The All-In-One Company’s  Create Your Own Onesie.


2. Home Alone – The Complete Collection

Christmas just would not be the same without McCauley Cawkin reminding us how he brilliantly outwits two criminals that are in for a rude awakening when they decide that they are going to rob houses for Christmas. A complete hilarious riot and and a divine classic is an adequate description of the experience to be had when you watch these three Christmas adventures back to back.


3. Garrett  Popcorn

The best popcorn in the world is located in none other than the Windy City. This  is correct… Chicago, ladies and gentlemen, is the home of the finest popcorn on the planet known as Garrett’s. I know it may be cutting it close, but you can still have them overnight to you their delectible cheese and caramel popcorn combination. It is a holiday tradition since 1949 that you and your family sure do not want to miss.


4. Merry Christmas Album by Mariah Carey 

Christmas music is an absolute must in my world during the Christmas holiday. It just makes my onesy feel that much cozier and my egg nog taste that much better.  Although it was rough chosing between Luther Vandross, Boys  II Men and Mariah Carey, I had to go with the lattet. Top tracks on the album are “Silent Night”, “O Holy Night” & “All I Want For Christmas Is You”.



5. Hot Chocolate

Though it may seem simple and a bit trite, I can’t celebrate the holidays without a bit of hot coco. However, any old Swiss Miss and hot water will do – I like my hot chocolate souped up with the best milk and cream with fresh fluffy marshmallows, whipped cream, and perhaps a bit of Kahlua to help make my season bright. I also love unique additives to my coco like Nutella or even this delicious Birthday Cake Hot Chocolate remix.  Try adding a hot chocolate bar to your next gathering…


6. A Motown Christmas 

Let’s face it, there are an insane amount of Christmas albums but none seem quite as necessary for me as the classic Motown Christmas. While I love holiday music, there are truly only about 15 songs that go into rotation in about 50 different varieties. A Motown Christmas is just the classic, soulful take on the holidays that I look forward to hearing while on a drive or hanging out around the house.


7. Bath & Body Works Fresh Balsam Candle 

Whether you have a Christmas tree or not, real or faux – the smell of pine is synonymous with the holiday season. Even when I don’t have a grand Christmas tree – I love the smell of one without it being too overwhelming and that’s why I must have the Fresh Balsam candle from Bath & Body Works.  This candle hits all the right notes without smelling “too fake” or too piney (if that’s even a word) which makes it one of my favorites.


unnamed-18.  DJ IRIE Art Bar 

Of course Christmas is an amazing time but it’s truly about giving back. DJ IRIE has found just the way to do it! IRIE and his foundation (IRIE Foundation) have partnered with Hoffman’s Chocolate to make not just your Christmas Merry, but someone else’s too! All purchases made benefit the IRIE Foundation, and also allow each purchaser a chance to win a round trip ticket on Jet Blue any where in the U.S! The cool wrapping of the chocolate is definitely a reflection of IRIE and his Miami upbringing. This is what I call a great last minute purchase!
9. Furry Hand Muffs
 If I could tell you a thing or two about Cris and I the first would be that we loveeeeeee furry things! They create this comfy zone as Cristen calls it. My next pick would for sure be a cozy pair of mittens, in specific ones you can put your hands through. You get kind of annoyed having to take them off to do everything. This is where innovation lies, now they have open hand ones! Would could be better for Fashion? Nothing in my opinion!!
Last but not least what does anyone do without a pair of Happy Socks!?!!! Now if nothing makes it out the room for Christmas a pair of new socks does! So why not a cool and stylish pair of Happy Socks?? What’s funny is I love these socks and something about them truly does make me happy!! I hope you get the Same feel, that’s what the Holidays are all about. Make this a stocking stuffer must have.

Tell us what your holiday must haves in the comments below!