Life is all about lessons. Every year. Every month. Every day. Every hour. And every second, you will have countless opportunities to learn about life and about your weaknesses and strengths within this life. Why? Because life is a journey. A journey of love. A journey of sacrifice and a journey of revelation and development.

For example: yesterday, I was told that one of my granddaughter’s fish was dead as it was found floating upside down, not moving and possessed a dismal energy. What could have caused this? Well, it appeared that the other larger fish had been eating all the food and attacking the smaller fish to the point of near death.

Everyone said it was all over and the smaller fish was lost and needed to be flushed down the toilet. They were ready to throw in the towel as they could not stomach the site of the lifeless looking fish. However, I said, “No!! As long as the fish is breathing, he has an opportunity to fight for his life.” So with faith implemented, I took the smaller fish and separated it from the harsh and hazardous environment it had succumbed to. And I placed it in another clear bowl, where I nurtured it back to life at the surprise of all who said it was lost.


The larger fish represented the greed, the bad, the aggressive like behavior and the smaller fish represents the kind, gentle nature and God’s ability to bestow his grace and mercy and breath new life and strength into what we see as a desperate and lifeless set of circumstances.

I absolutely refused to lose something beautiful and good (smaller fish), while focusing all of my attention on something bad (the larger fish)! I mean besides, in life I have learned; you cannot throw the baby out with the bath water. Just let the funky bath water out and keep the baby.

As the middle child of 7 siblings, a devoted wife, a mother of 4, grandmother of 17 and a great grandmother of 13, I understand the value of lessons in literally EVERY SINGLE moment life brings. And one of the greatest lessons I have encountered is that in this life, you will have some battles and mountains to climb. You will have to fight, but if you believe, you will live to see a glorious new day.

💜Love & Light🌞,
Anna Louise Mills