Of course everyone knows about the NIKE HUARACHE craze, but who knew about these crazy new color ways?? Nike is the leader in the running shoe market for some time and the HUARACHE has always been my shoe of choice!


I remember the first pair they made when I was 18. They were red, white, and blue and I had to have them. They were my favorite go to shoe and the strap did it all! The HUARACHE was a re release from NIKE and has been smashing since it’s arrival.


I recently stumbled upon a few new color ways and they are just in time for SUMMER! And although we are not quite there yet, summer will be here before you know it so why not start collecting a few cool pieces?? The orange, blue and white color way are my favorite and that is hands down.

This summer will be all about bright colors and comfortable shoes so the day can truly be enjoyed. It may be hard to find a pair of these since they are the new popular item, so if you just so happen to see a pair do not hesitate to grab them.

Signing Off