Welcome back to another channeling of light information!

Today we are discussing the topic of manifesting and living the life you deserve. We as human beings have the ability to create our lives with our desires and intentions. Our spoken words coupled with our thoughts send out frequencies to the Universe and begin to move things within our reality.


A simple example of this is when you state to your Self or another that you really like a certain car model; you begin to notice it everywhere you go at increasing rates. This is due to your focus being on what you like, plus a state of non-resistance in knowing that IT IS what you like.  The Universe always brings you exactly what you want; it is up to you to align your intentions with your desires so that the actual manifestation can occur in your life.

There is a Field of Infinite Potential that we are able to tap into. Effectively communicating with this field and letting it be known that which we want to see in our lives. Our only resistance is the limitations we set upon ourselves through our own self-limiting belief systems. (Which you may discover if you practice your awareness of your Self through breathing: http://www.heartofcool.com/become-lighter-power-breath/ )


You too are a field of energy. Your beliefs and expectations expand your reality. What you focus on you will begin to shift and move into your field of awareness. An easy experiment you can perform with this Field of Potentiality is to request to this Field of Potential (FP) to show you butterflies, even a specific color of your desire. Over the next 24-48 hours you will be astonished at the various ways in which the Universe will show you what you asked for!


Sending you LOVE and healing energies,
Kyle Polansky