Hello and welcome back to another divine reading!

Today we are going to discuss how to become lighter, mentally, emotionally and physically. Firstly, I would like you to sit upright in order to provide the space for what we will be covering. Let us begin with spreading awareness to our breath and acknowledging what the sacred element air is for all. We literally are our breath. It is what we are and the essence of us is breath. Of course we have our four major bodies: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. However, none of them could cease to exist without the consistency of our breath.

Next, breathe in for four seconds, hold for four and exhale for four. Repeat this exercise three times without reading further or focusing on time.

I invite you to direct your full focus on expanding the awareness of your breath. This breath is who you really are; it will hold you in peace. Repeat in stillness, spread awareness to this part of you, express gratitude for this beautiful ability you have of taking in life force into your physical body.

Can’t you recall the wonder in taking a deep breath and blowing a dandelion? Watching the seeds take flight into the wind, from your breath and into the expansive breath of the Mother Earth. Let us take this moment to joyfully express gratitude for every time we have had this magical experience- bringing this magic into the previous breathing sequence.


My philosophy of personal training revolves around spreading awareness throughout the body(s): bringing awareness to the mind, its emotional impulses and its connection to the physical body. This ability to perform during challenging sets and exercises while maintaining alignment with peace of mind is critical to personal success. It all revolves inwards towards the breath, towards the inner being. That version of you that is larger than the physical being that we claim to exist as.

Now, breath in for four, hold for four and exhale for four. Repeat four times.

You may become aware of a subtle voice that could cause distraction and lure you away from breathing this way. This experience is completely normal and even experienced breath practitioners experience this interruption. This voice is what needs chastising, not the exercise or your inability to reach expectations. Be patient and let go of the need to be perfect, with practice you will be able to quite the mind and achieve peace through breathing and focus. Inside of you is a system of programs, running 24/7 consciously and subconsciously. Yourself and others who have influenced your growth have installed these programs both intentionally and unintentionally. Don’t fret, once the mind is quiet you will become aware of the programs that no longer serve you. Finally, return your focus back to your breath, repeat above-mentioned sequence three more times while sitting in an upright posture.


We become lighter by our ability to take in light, to take in oxygen. I’ve noticed through my years of training that the awkward voice that intrudes this breathing sequence is the same voice that limits our potential. It is this voice that questions our reasoning for challenging ourselves and for putting ourselves in uncomfortable situations for the opportunity of growth and expansion. This voice is important but assigning a new role to this voice is something worth looking into.

I invite you to be aware of your breath today; during your walks, your jogs, during your squats and presses. Even during your practiced exercise of cooking and nourishing your body. Become aware of your breath and the patterns that you may have with breathing- with the intake of your ‘lightness’. We are taking time to focus on creating space for establishing healthy patterns and habits for ourselves on this day.

We don’t want to end up like this cute little guy…

You can just see the worry and angst in his eyes!

“”Oh no! I cant breathe, so many voices, so much on my plate!”


Sending you love and healing thoughts,
Kyle Polansky