If you were in LA this past weekend any where near FAIRFAX and saw the crazy line at the store with no name, you were witnessing a new and cool wave of business fashioned by Mr. Kanye West himself.


This past Saturday Kanye West took over 21 cities to sell his album merchandise for The Life of Pablo Tour he is currently on. The pop-ups featured a selection of hoodies, tees, long-sleeves, jackets and dad caps, which were all pressed with the Gothic typeface designed by CALI DEWITT. Each city received its own original collection with unique colorways and logos, which is what may have caused all the hype!


YE was very involved in the selection of cities and venues as well as all of the particulars that lead to each city getting a different set of merch. I went to the pop-up here in LA and it was literally a line for miles as each location only got a certain amount of merchandise. When I spoke to a few people in line and asked them how long they had been there, someone yelled out 2 days; another yelled out 24 hrs and the lowest number I heard was 10 hours. Now to those who are not aware of the street wear craze, do not be alarmed as this is normal and is becoming the way most of the new generation shops.


To be honest, one of the most exciting parts about the entire phenomenon was the thought of thinking to myself KANYE is finally on the road to being a designer. And as we all know, that has been his dream for quite some time now. And Ye has made it clear with this gesture that he has the capability to do it without Nike.

If you did not get your hands on any of the LIFE OF PABLO pieces, I do wish you the best of luck because as soon as people stepped out the door with any of the PABLO pieces, you better believe the price went up immediately; and that is a fact!

Congrats YE on the new part of your journey. It is well deserved.

Signing Off!