Have you ever thought about something and in a short amount of time after the thought, it appeared in a physical form? Congratulations, you are a magical manifester!


I’m not sure if you know this already, but we are powerful creative beings full of magic- just like we believed when we were kids! This may be something that was washed out of our belief patterns growing up, that’s ok! Beliefs are just thoughts you keep thinking, if you stop thinking you are magical well then you just become unaware of how magical you are! If you think about it, really take a moment to intentionally open up to think about you, you will remember how beautifully magical you are. We literally live on a blue planet, surrounded by a massive ball of fire that gives us life, warming us and holding us while we live out our experiences on this beautiful blue planet. We are suspended in a vast ocean of space and endless possibilities. Today, I would like to invite you to consider how magical your life truly is, the moments that were the toughest, you endured. You shape shifted, became malleable, weaved your being into a new existence and through your pain you have grown in understanding. You are here with me now, somewhere on this blue planet, reading these words and my thoughts, which float through my own awareness of our existence. I’ve thought over and over about connecting with you, reaching you and giving you light and information in order for you to return back to who you are, your own light, your own awareness. Here I am, my thought of being a source of inspiration came first, and then always in the perfect timing comes the manifestation of the desire. My invitation to you is to consider, that you are MAGIC. That your thoughts and words create your physical form, are you happy with the form of your life? What do you think of most? Are these thoughts things that you want to create? How can you reshape your thoughts and words in order to create your life more comfortably?


Through years of learning and expanding, there’s a quote that I often return to from time to time, it goes like this:

“For your thought about something is creative and your word is productive; and your thought and your word together are magnificently effecting for giving birth in your reality.” -unknown

I invite you to be deliberate about the thoughts you choose to think, just as deliberate as you are about the food that you choose to put into your body. Be also just as deliberate about how you speak to yourself and others, for your words carry into eternity. Use your magical; thought powered “voice wands” appropriately! Life is indeed meant to be fun, to be an adventure. There is magic all around us! I look forward to expanding our awareness to it and experiencing it with you.

Sending you love and healing thoughts,
Kyle Polansky