I love to eat. Well, actually – I love to dine more than simply eating.  And there  is a difference.

Eating is putting food into your mouth, ideally chewing it for 32 seconds and enjoying the combustion of flavors that await you 😋. While dining, on the other end, is eating plus divine conversation and interaction with whomever is sharing that moment with you, which not only fuels your body but also fuels your soul. Whether you are with friends, family members or even a stranger, dining is an experience that defies the concept of time and the overall conventional approach to the daily routine of eating that sometimes can feel like a chore.

With this knowledge and understanding I always have my eyes on the look out for eateries that lend the perfect environment for the magic that manifests when dining occurs. And last week, in east Nashville, I found a gem introduced to me by my brother called Terminal Cafe? It is the most unassuming and wildly fulfilling cafe to eat and drink the best coffee (my favorite being: caramel latte with a dash of vanilla and almond milk) or herby aromatic tea one could dream of.

Started by Khalil Davis, who use to be the head barista and overall lucky charm at Fidos, Terminal Cafe is the place you go to eat and commune with the brilliant and beautiful hearts and minds of the people who work behind the counter and a sacred space where you open yourself up to creative dishes made with love. With a passion for supporting local farmers, which is always a plus, Terminal Cafe meets the expectations of a startup cafe that seeks to support and highlight Nashville talent and culture.

Intimate, special and some-what nostalgic, Terminal Cafe is my new favorite spot that serves breakfast, conversation, love and cheer all day that will have you inspired for the rest of night.

I can honestly say that eating there feels like church. And let’s just say, I have been to church 4 out of the 6 days that I have been in Nashville. So, if you are ever in Nashville, make sure to grace the place with your presence.

Khalil, McKenzie and Nate – you three stole my heart and gave me the best birthday breakfast ever and for that you all get the heART of cool STAMP!

Looking forward to seeing all three of you gentlemen grow and shine your gifts on the world.

💜Love & Light☀️,