When you go to Chipotle, not only do you have the food to look forward to, you also have the coupons to look forward to as a part of their rewards program. The purpose of this program is to lure customers back to its restaurants and tied to the number of times customers visit CHIPOTLE each month.


Called CHIPTOPIA Summer Rewards, this three month promotion begins Friday (June 30th 2016)! And each month customers can qualify for different status levels called mild medium and hot that come with different rewards! Now this is what got me most excited as I love when companies are totally into making their customers feel like they are getting a little extra.

The rewards are actually pretty cool for example four purchases of at least $6 in a month earns “mild” status and a free meal. The next status level is earned on the eighth visit, and the “hot” status is earned after 11 visits. Customers, who earn the “hot” level in all three months can earn up to nine free meals over the course of the rewards program, plus a $240 “catering for 20” bonus reward.

Chipotle said it was working on designing a permanent rewards program and would use what it learns from Chiptopia this summer to inform the new program. I guess time will tell on weather or not people are excited about the new perks!

Signing Off!