Today I want to discuss something that has helped me with the illusion of separation. We come into these human bodies connected to our Mother, upon birth we are artfully released from the womb. Immediately after being birthed, we are cut and separated from what was our life Source. During this time, there is much pain and confusion otherwise known as separation.

From this sense of separation we begin to create our own patterns of thought, action and belief as well as take on others patterns. In the end, we all seek to be happy and to know our self. We create our lives individually or together; whichever suits us most at the current time of our expression. All of this is a small fractal of our existence. In life, there are many dichotomies. We will always have light and dark, noise and silence, peace and chaos. This is why we have come here, to learn from contrast.


I’d like to invite you to practice this exercise of existence. Instead creating more separation between your self and other people, events or situation. I’d like to you imagine your brain to be surrounded in a container of mirrors. Everything you hear, see, touch and experience is you. The next time you hear a siren, instead of being agitated by its noise accept that at that moment you ARE the siren. When your mind becomes the perfect container surrounded by a reflective lens you reach an infinite capacity. The people you communicate and collaborate with are extensions of you as well. They are living, breathing extensions of Source. Seeking to know and experience the world through you as a reflection of them.


Living with your brain contained by mirrors, you will begin to experience the world differently. You will be less bothered by experiences out of your control and instead you will shape shift with what is occurring. Acknowledging all, as your present moments existence rather than creating more separation from claiming that something is not you. We are you, you are we, and together we are stronger.

Sending you all love and healing energies,
Kyle Polansky