Has anyone seen this beauty riding around??

I know I have seen a few in the past few weeks and that is what got my attention. The BENTLEY BENTAGA has been released and is on the road causing chaos. The BANTAGA is the first LUXURY SUV to hit the high end side of the road. And I do mean high end. The truck starts at $297,400 and if you have any thoughts on customizing, then have your cash in hand for upgrades. The truck was released about 3 weeks ago and was on pre order prior to exclusive BENTLEY clients! This sounds about right for the SUV that will change the future of driving luxury cars. This car being produced is what has every major car brand trying to figure out what they should do next to trump this vehicle’s production. Now, I must say that I have seen a few nice concepts rolling out in the past 2 months. And anyone who has been keeping up with me has had an exclusive peek at these idea driven cars.


I actually got a chance to see one of these on the road as I mentioned and it look like the PORSCHE CAYENNE to me from the front! I hope that doesn’t sound bad, but it is truly what I thought. Me and my friends all being fans of CAYENNE’S before they hit the market gave us an opportunity to really understand luxury SUV’s.



What I can say is, no matter how much I thought that from the front, the inside made all the difference. The BANTAGA is a for sure product of BENTLEY and it speaks royalty on every level! The inside is wood with your choice of colored oak. The SUV also comes with 4 5 and 7 seat options and yes in that order. This SUV is the first to offer seat selections at the time of purchase and if you don’t think you will need the 7 seat option, then stick with the picnic/ refrigerator option!


I am always following concept cars and the ones that actually are produced are very rare. However, this Bentley takes the cake. It literally came with everything you could possibly think of. This, my friends, is what I mean when I speak of the future of vehicles changing.


If you haven’t seen it, be sure to take a peek at the pics and when you see one on the road know that person took time to get it how they wanted it. And this is what luxury car buying is ALL about.

Signing Off!