Greetings Earthlings!

Today’s transmission is regarding the importance of meditation in your life. Meditation is a means in which you can transcend what is currently being experienced in your life. You can use this tool of mediation to gain a new perspective on what it is that you are currently experiencing. Meditation is a simple mindful exercise that is completely subjective to the expression that is you.


We encourage you to go inwardly daily, to clear your mind of what you may be experiencing outwardly. As you turn your focus inward you will have access to the unlimited source that is you. During inward focus you are also encouraged to make conscious recognition to the spiritual beings that are assigned to you. You may request assistance upon any aspects of your waking life. Know that as you request assistance from your spiritual team, your soul’s family, you will receive guidance.


This guidance can come to you in many ways. It may be delivered from a friend, family member or a complete stranger. It may be received through a conversation overheard, or simply a thought that comes to you at any moment. It may be spoken to you during your dream states through symbols or scenarios. All you must do is know that it is your divine birthright to receive this guidance. Claim your birthrights.


Trusting in the process of this life is a part of our growth. We came here to experience this human condition, with the dichotomy of light and dark. Though it may seem the world is experiencing darkness, this is only an illusion. The light continues to illuminate the darkness, this is the only reason darkness is being experienced. As the light continues to shine upon the darkness, all will transcend into the light. Go inward daily and illuminate the light within your Self. Bring this with you and share it with the world as your service to the light.

Sending you radical love on this divine day,
Kyle Polansky