Aloha! Welcome back to another divinely inspired writing.

In these times of acceleration and expansion, it is important to feel a sense of connection with your Self and other like-minded people. Coming together as a group of conscious individuals to share and create art is key for self-evolution. There is power in numbers, safety in groupings and inspired strength in a tribe. When we are surrounded by conscious beings that are actively living their own truth—we are in turn granted safety in living our own truth.


As a collective consciousness, we are majorly impacted by the energies we surround ourselves with. To begin to transpire the old as a collective, we must only focus working on ourselves. As we transcend our own limitations individually, we then come into a tribe of beings who are doing the same in their unique path. When we meet these people, we will share a common view and will bring a valuable piece to the overall image. Each of us has a purpose on this planet; we all share something very unique. As we come together with our inspired ideas to impact the global consciousness in a positive way, we empower each other.


Our tribes are the people that you resonate with, they are your soul family. These are souls that have come here in this time of acceleration to complete a mission similar to your own. Being of similar vibration resonances we compliment each other and hold space for each to be in their own truth. This safety in being is very important, as outside influences may be currently unsupportive in nature. It is often these individuals will be spiritual in nature, artistic and making changes within the community.


You can attract your tribe by following your passions, excitements and artistic endeavors. This may be by attending active functions such as yoga, cross-fit or group meditations. Art classes, group fundraisers or even volunteer work. There is no limitation on where you can find your tribe. You are only encouraged to continue seeking your own truth and following your excitements. Once you discover these individuals, you will know intuitively that they are your people. Love them hard and support them, together you will thrive.

Sending you all healing energies and a lot of love,
Kyle Polansky