FRIENDS that love you unconditionally and truly are down for you and support your journey in this life, are absolutely a gold mine. They come few, far and in between. And I am not talking about associates, which are people that affiliate themselves with your for surface level or political reasons that 9 times out of 10 some how benefit them. I am talking about REAL FRIENDS. The ones that may not understand every step of your metamorphosis and authentic choices you make to suit your personal lifestyle, but they support it with no judgement. Because as long as you are happy and developing in a way that serves and honors your incarnation while passing through this planet called earth, they are happy.

Well, I am elated to report that I have some dynamic friends. Ones that when I decide to go on my 30 day detox program and go into my cacoonish ways because I am doing a lot of soul searching, they are always rooting me on from the sidelines; respecting my new routine and boundaries and taking the opportunity to learn more about their friend and how they might grow to support me better in my evolution.

So this past week was a very telling one, filled with revelations. It revealed how in tune my environment is and the people in it are. I witnessed my friends give me the proper space needed for me to go through my process. And when I decided to engage again, they invited me to do activities that were in alignment with the new skin I was manifesting. They even went so far as to help me carry my juices into a Hollywood and Beverly Hills house party in the Hills, where the booze was flowing; the pizza, wings, black eyed peas and spaghetti sizzling and the red velvet cupcakes practically singing, “come lick my cream cheese icing because I am delicious.” And before anyone could offer me a drink, Tash would say, “You know you got all of your juices in the fridge, right? I mean talk about accountability.  Yep, real friends I do have for sure.

What I also noticed that was quite dynamic was how my actions impacted others positively around me. They were more conscious about drinking around me or eating anything at all for that matter. They had a natural proclivity to be sensitive to my sensitivities without me requiring them to do so. In fact, come to think of it, my friends barely even drunk anything alcoholic on Superbowl Sunday.

So, ladies and gentlemen, if you ever want to change your program for the better, improving your life by starting from the inside out, your peers should never be what is causing any hesitation. If that happens, understand that you may have out grown your friends and you should start preparing space for some new ones. TOUGH sounding I know; but hey, GREATNESS in this life is not for the faint or weak hearted.

To my beloved friends and heART of cool family, I GIVE THANKS for you all and I want to thank you for really being inspirationally awesome. The accountability is welcomed and the cheers and genuine support, soul-enriching. And to my most beautiful and graciously loving mom, thank you for always encouraging me to love my mind, body and soul by the energy I allow inside my body or even merely in my atmosphere because it is indeed a choice that I have complete dominion over.

To ALL my loved ones, you know what I always say, “Iron Sharpens Iron.” So let’s stay sharp, not just for 2017, but for every year we are blessed to be in each other’s presence as we trek life’s path. And even if our paths may eventually widen from each other, our orbit shall ALWAYS keep us in tune with each other; for this I am sure that we have travelled life paths before.

💜Love & Light🌞,