Greetings Dear One!

Today is a healthy reminder that YOU DO KNOW what it is that you need. We have within us our own power, our own healer, and our own guidance. This is a gentle reminder that the questions you’ve been asking yourself have the answers within them already. All that is required for you is inner reflections, stilling the mind from any chatter and gently turning your focus inward.

It is important to tap in and tune yourself to the rhythm of your breath. Paying considerate attention to your breath will assist you in uncovering what is lying beneath the surface of your being. At all times of day, we are receiving guidance from Spirit. Almost every time something seemingly bad comes into our field there was an opportunity or more to deflect it. There is a voice of wisdom that is always whispering in our ears. This may be a subtle feeling of knowing this person isn’t for you, or that you shouldn’t get in this line or take this route. These are subtle examples for us to begin practicing paying attention to.

Surrendering in the moment, your will for the will of something greater than you. Acknowledging that our will might be less than what it could potentially be at its highest. Once you begin to surrender your will, with trust and faith in the Divine you will begin to experience the flow. You will begin to head the subtle internal narrative, following your feelings rather than your thoughts. As you begin this shift in daily practice, you will discover such magic in your everyday experiences. I wish for you all grace and ease with this journey of surrender.

Sending you each love,
Kyle polansky