ART is a mode of expression and a medium for communication. And its language is poetic for many, but actually a necessity for few. This heART of cool Art Tuesdays feature knows all about the aforementioned. Born in Portsmouth, Virginia in 1978 and currently living in Brooklyn, NY since 2005, a human being who could not speak until a month after his 17th birthday, drew pictures and created collages made out of distorted pictures he used a razor blade to cut out just to communicate with his family. Judih Supine is the Artist we speak of and we could most certainly learn a thing or two about this trailblazer, who has traveled throughout Europe, frequenting London and Amsterdam.

Only being able to make sounds, Supine could not articulate any words so he used his artistic abilities to create a language of his own in pictures that his mother still has until this very day. Suppine was a resourceful child and is a brilliant inmovator, who used some of the most economical materials out there. Some of the materials on record are: an exacto-knife, unglamorous paints, glue sticks and seedy magazines collected from the public libraries, the dentist’s offices, people’s trash, bankrupt porn shops and even his little sister’s magazine collection. Basically, Supine used whatever he could get his hands on.

Well you know what they say: “A picture says a thousand words” and apparently that most certainly is the case for Supine. Now, he photocopies collages into large-scale prints and attaches them to canvas or wood with fluorescent painted hues and an occasional seal made out of resin.

Supine’s work has been highlighted in a plethora of publications such as “Beyond The Street: The 100 Leading Figures In Urban Art by Gestalten” (2010) and “TRESSPASS: A History Of Uncommissioned Urban Art by Taschen” (2010). His work has also been featured in galleries in New York, Miami, LA and London.

By the way, if you thought Judith Supine sounds like a name for a female, you are not too crazy as Supine took on the name of his mother to conceal his identity and avoid the NYPD and Homeland Security from artistic stunts he successfully pulled off in the past.

💜Love & Light🌞,