Well, ladies and gentz, I am here to tell you that smart work pays off.  Le’Femme can attest to this. While everyone was holiday party hopping and revving all the way down for the holidays, she was just revving up with the release of “Fashion Problems”. And since she is a part of the heART of cool movement, you know we went ham on the promotion tip. The life of an Artist is not as glorious as it may appear. Yes, there are some perks, but like anything you have to earn every single thing.

The truth is you cannot circumvent the lessons life are sure to teach you or the sacrifices you will need to make as you sew the seeds of your success. So for this heART of cool Music Mondays, take some time to check out Le’Femme’s viewpoints on Life, Love and of course Art. AND, check out another one of Le’Femme’s?HOT?videos, “Dat Werk”.

Big thank you and shout outs to DJ Funk Master Flexx for the recognition and love!

💜Love & Light🌞,

?HoC Interview?

HoC: 1. Describe your background. What was your childhood like?

LE’FEMME: My childhood was pretty crazy, but oh so good at the same time. I grew up in some what of a middle class home. My mom was a freight forwarder and my dad owned a shipping import and export company, so we were ok in some form, but it was a ruff one! I totally rebelled and took crazy chances until I was about 21 years old. Then It all started to make sense at that point so I wanted to be better and I headed in that direction.

HoC: 2. Who are you? What is your purpose on the planet?

LE’FEMME: I AM Lefemme-Bouè, born as Alicia Bouè but a warrior is who I am. And my purpose is to help people see you have the power and capability to do anything you put your mind to.

HoC: 3. What inspired you to be an Artist?

LE’FEMME: My inspiration to be an Artist truly came from GOD. I honestly didn’t think it was the road for me. In all honesty, I still have days where I look at myself and I’m like are you serious lol, but the feeling I get is a power bigger than myself. and I grasp a hold of that in every line I speak. This is the component that allows people to truly connect to Lefemme. She’s REAL.

HoC: 4. What role does authenticity play in your work?

LE’FEMME: Authenticity is the biggest part of this for me, but I think in hip hop as a whole some part of it has to come from a genuine place. That’s in my opinion! Now for me, it is all truth. It’s all a part of my story and is what has made me who I am today. If you really listen to joints like “FASHIONPROBLEMS”or “BELIVAH”, I’m telling you how this all happened. And like I said before, it’s a real Thing.

HoC: 5.  How do you define Art? What role does Art play in the evolution of you as a human being?

LE’FEMME: Well, art to me is a creation of an outlook on life. Whether you’re a visual artist or a rapper, singer etc.., these are all creations of people’s visions or perception of life. This is why it is important to listen to what you’re repeating or really know the metrics of people we call role models. It is by no means to judge anyone, but as Cristen always tells me; when you buy someone’s opinion you buy their lifestyle so watch closely. Art plays a very strong part in my revolution in so many ways I mean. I am part owner of one of the largest art platforms in my opinion, which is heARTofcool and I feel we have our finger on the pulse as far as the innovation and creaticiry goes. This is where I understand in depth my visuals and how I present Lefemme to the world. Art is the way of life and is what we need to feel the true vibration of the earth in my opinion. Without it, we would be bored on so many levels.

HoC: 6. How do you define success in life?

LE’FEMME: Succesa in life to me is being in the ultimate position to give back and create a sustainable stable life for those who will come after. This has nothing to do with race or ethnicity, but everything to do with unity.

HoC: 7.  What Artists inspire you the most now and why?

LE’FEMME: Artists that inspire me the most have always inspired me which is what I find most great about being an artist. The part of you that evolves comes from things you already knew! I’ve always loved music but a few of my top people would be Michael Jackson, Grace Jones, Missy Elliott, Lauryn Hill,  Ronald Isley and I could go on, but these are people who I took time to research and really understand. This is something that all the greats did, which is why they are able to still be relevant now.

HoC: 8. What advice can you give aspiring creatives and entrepreneurs?

LE’FEMME: Hmmm …. the best thing I could say is don’t let your eyes guide you. Always keep people smarter than you around. These 2 things mean so many things, but I think people will “Get It”.

HoC: 9. What is love and how does it shape your life?

LE’FEMME: Love is that one thing no one can explain but I think we all could agree that it’s a feeling. This is what the true understanding of life is, it’s how I’ve always lived my life and will continue. This way is not always the easiest way and anyone living in true high levels of it understand. I, myself, am still developing and only perfecting leading by example, which is the meaning of Leo! This is my rising sign so I have always had it ruff in this area, but as I grow, I realize I am getting better and it’s so much more room for more.

HoC: 10. What is the meaning of life?

LE’FEMME: The meaning of life to me is living in freedom eternally and that is what it is ALL about. Freedom has to be earned and once established can be valued. That’s the hustle you know. It’s like either you have it or you don’t! Endurance, meekness, discipline and a few other things are definitely needed and that you must know. This will help you make good decisions. I haven’t always done it, but we are all a work in progress.

HoC: 11. What should we expect next from you?

LE’FEMME: Next is the project that I did all of this for, which is called Apprentice To An Angel and that’s all I can say for now but stay tuned

HoC: 12.  What is the heART of cool to you?

LE’FEMME: heART of cool to me is a dream come true! An opportunity that is bigger than myself and that’s what’s most exciting. Big things will come of this new way of doing things.

HoC: 13.  What have you learned from the experience of completing the FASHION PROBLEMS project?

LE’FEMME: Well, I’ve learned is that Patience is the key to anything you do. If the results come quick, they leave quick. And this is where the endurance is needed because it takes 10 years to become on over night success! Sometimes we let this insta famous thing make us think everything happens right now, but it really doesn’t. Take my word for it.