Ok. It’s definitely that jolly ole time of the year again. And if you are super organized and always ahead of the game; you are kicking back, sipping on some sort of egg nog cocktail or apple cider as you munch on your favortie dishes while you listen to classic Christmas tunes. Meanwhile, everyone else is most likely scurrying about as they stand in long lines and sit in traffic in order to finish their last minute Christmas shopping.

If you happen to be in the latter category, this post is especially for you. Check out my top Christmas Gift List this year.

    Life is beautiful as they say, but Let’s face it; the world we live in is absolutely crazy. Whether recooperating from the most dramatic presidential election of all time, fighting back tears from the catastrophic inhumanity running rampant in Syria or becoming anxious about the global warming issue that politicians keep wanting to deny; we could all use another way to escape besides mundane social media channels. So why not indulge in a little virtual reality.
    Buying gifts is an intimate action and can be arduous when you want to give the person something they really love. Often times, we labor over what to buy when in all actuality, some people prefer practical gifts. And in this day and age advertising is at an all time high and what people want changes almost as frequently as you change one’s clothes. So why not focus on what people enjoy or even need by buying them a gift card to their favorite restaurant, ipic movie theater, yoga studio, book store, juice bar, Soul Cycle, department store ( from Target to Bergdorf Goodman), online store like Amazon, snowboarding lesson or Spa? The person on the other end of that gift will appreciate you for paying attention to what they like or they will appreciate trying something fun and new on someone ele’s tab.
  1. ONE WHEELLast year, for heART of Cool’s 2015 Gift Guide, the hot item for the Holiday season were Oxboards. This year, I am recommending the one wheel, which is a mix between a skateboard and a hover board with a snowboard feel. Created by Kyle Doerksen, a  snowboarder now inventor that obsessed for over 5 years about how to create an experience on land that he had been experiencing for years on the snow. People that are adventurous, especially the younger people out there, love to try new transportation devices that are cool and groovy. I am still waiting to get my hands on one of these. Perhaps it will be under my Christmas tree this year.
  1. BIG MAGIC by Elizabeth GilbertI am an avid reader and collector of wisdom and magic. Consequently, I always love to read and pretty much have collected a library of books that span from my adolescent years. Last year, I recommemded The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. This year, I was captivated by Big Magic written by Elizabeth Gilbert, who also wrote EAT, PRAY, LOVE. This book is a guide of how to engage in creative living and move beyond fear. Authentic, brilliant and a must read!

    If the person you are shopping for is a lover of music, why not get them a record player. As a result of the discovery of the mp3 and the drastic decline of record stores, most people buy thier music online which is super convenient but in a way super scary as well. If we do not have any physical copies of records along with the machine to play them, we stand the risk of losing all of our music. And that my friends, would be a travesty.
    Wildly captivating and seductive fragrances wow me. So much that I have to breathe in the tantalizing aroma in the comforts of my own home when I discover a new scent that seems to haunt me. Whether I encounter the aroma in a hotel or department store, I absolutely love being swept away by candles that truly transport you to another world. So I always love receiving candles and gifting them. My favorite line is CIRE TRVDON & my favorite scents are below. They make perfect gifts for anyone.


HEAD: Aldehydes, incense vapors.
HEART: Lily of the valley.
BASE: Labdanum, benzoin resin.
AVAILABLE IN: Classic, great, room spray, travel room spray


earthy, vegetable wax, burns for 60 hours
HEAD: Rhum, grapefruit, bergamot.
HEART: Clove, oak wood, patchouli, labdanum.
BASE: Tobacco, moss, leather, amber
AVAILABLE IN: Classic, intermezzo, great, room spray, travel room spray, revolutionary scents.

  1. heART of Cool Sweater

    Last, but certainly not least, we have our super comfy and cool heART of cool sweater. Perfect for the holiday season as it is mint green with a lushious red heart. And you will definitely stand out among all of the ugly Christmas sweaters as their is nothing ugly about this beauty.

If you still need help while you finish your last minute shopping, check out these uncommon gifts here.

💜Love & Light🌞,