Greetings Dear One!

Holiday season is now and what a joy it is to be. It is a time of giving and receiving with appreciation and love. There has been for many a great deal of guilt around this time of year. For what we believe we should be able to give in order to signify our love and appreciation for others. This can move into a form of giving out of need to give rather than the joy and love of giving. It is a birthright to share our love with others, energetically and in the form of physical blessings.

It is important as we move into the season of giving to maintain alignment with our heart connection. Sharing and giving brings us great joy and appreciation for being able to bless others. If you find yourself in angst or negativity surrounding the act of giving, take a moment to check in with your heart. Our entire life is an experience from which we are able to share pieces of through the giving ourselves. This time of year is no different from any other, besides that the media and culture gets involved collectively.

As you are in the exchange of giving, be sure to give for the right reasons. The reason we give in any exchange is out of love. Expressing our value, appreciation, consideration and admiration for the being that we are blessing. This is a time to be joyful and light, to give and to receive love. As this year of 2016 comes to an end, it is a time of reflection and gratitude for all that we have endured. Bring with you the spirit of love throughout the end of the year and into the New Year. Remember that the most important give of all is the gift of love. It isn’t as much about what you give, but how you show up when giving or receiving.

Sending you all blessings and love,
Kyle Polansky