Greetings Dear One!

Everything in the Universe is in constant flux. It is no secret that every atom of our being is spinning. It is of importance to stay in alignment with the natural rhythm of the Universe and GET MOVING!

Your movement choices do not have to be elaborate, it’s only important that you do move. Our physicals bodies are made up of connective tissues, dense muscles and joints. It’s so important that we get moving and lubricate our joints and strengthen and lengthen our muscles. Just as we take good car and get tune ups in our automobiles, it is of more necessarily to tune in and tune up our organic bodies.

Adopting a morning, afternoon or evening routine of light movement to increase the body temperature and warm the muscles is important. Followed by stretching, strengthening and lengthening of the muscles. Our muscles are like rubber bands, working together cohesively to maintain the structure of our skeletal system. If these rubber bands become restricted and limited, our skeletal structure becomes deformed. This directly affects our mental capacity and mental bodies. We are whole, complete and each unique and it brings great vitality to honor our individuality through the expression of our physical body.

I invite and encourage you to look into creating a stretching and mobility routine for yourself. Educating your self in movements is priceless and will bring great health benefits. In the prevention of disease, movement is one of the main prescriptions alongside healthy nutritional intake. Open yourself to new experiences and new practices such as Yoga, explorative dance or a simple at home stretching routine. The benefits you receive will be endless, continue to expand Dear One! You are here to experience all that is.

Sending you love and uplifting energies,
Kyle Polansky