SO, lastnight Mr. Donald Glover could not resist giving props where props is due when he praised Migos for creating the hit song, “Bad and Boujee” featuring Uzi Vert, attached to Glover’s FX series, ATL. And rightly so, as that song is what attained a golden globe for Best TV Series musical. As the group, Migos, revs up for their 4th album, “Culture”, they most definitely achieved an amazing accomplishment and deserve the respect that comes along with that.

Kudos to Mr. Glover for being able to rise with the times and align himself with cool Art and Artists that are tapped in to the internet age and soaring authentically on their own merits. Apparently, all the media outlets are more focused on the shout out from Mr. Glover, then they are the song and the Artists behind the song. So heART of cool (HoC) want to shine some light on the rivetting success “Bad and Boujee” has achieved before the Golden Globe win.

An internationally appealing song and an online viral phenomemnon, “Bad and Boujee” has inspired numerous memes and tweets. “Bad and Boujee”, is the first Hot 100 No. 1 song for Migos. The song also tops the Streaming Song charts for week number 2 attaining 35.3 million streams according to Nielsen Music. Migos received 9.2 million hits on spotify and of course has taken over Billboards Hot R&B/ Hip-Hop Songs and Hot Rap charts. I mean the stats are staggeringly successful.

With the majority of the traction coming from youtube (19.3 million), make sure you check out on their youtube, “Bad & Boujee”.

And let us all learn from Migos, in this data driven age, cream always rises to the top, despite the politics of it all.

💜Love & Light🌞,