Greetings Dear One!

As creative constructive beings we begin shaping our unique awareness of this world the moment we become physical. Our awareness of what life is, how things work and how we work with all that is, is completely our own. We can resonate with others to an incredible extend but the truth is that we are each unique and have our own perspectives and programming. To truly understand and relate with others we must begin to consider deeply how they perceive the world they are creating.

We are the power in our world; it is our thoughts and repeated beliefs that shape our reality. Each of us has been bombarded with programs since the day we were conceived. Our awareness of what is has been limited until the day we decided to want to know more, do more, understand more, and live more freely in our own minds. Not all have chosen to do the work in this lifetime, of uncovering who they truly are beyond what they’ve been told or previously accepted as true for them.

When in relationship with others, we begin to accept them for who they are. We honor their place in our lives and the unique way in which they carry their light. Sharing different perspectives of mundane or complex concepts and theories. We resonate and almost are able to see through the eyes of another. Great love and compassion comes from relationships like these, when one is able to empathize with another being. Often times we find ourselves in re-actionships with others, simple reacting to everything that is said or done. In this way, the responsibility of ourselves is lost and we simple react to the person whether it is for positive or harmful of the relationship.

To move from being reactive, we must accept responsibility in our Self. Once this response has been chosen we can then move to an intuitive capacity of operating in the relationship. Understanding what the other person needs and intuitively supplying what is needed to water the relationship into full bloom. I encourage you to scan you relationships and see where you have been reacting instead of responding responsibly. We have the power to shift all relationships with ourselves into positive ones. It always starts with you.

Sending you love, always
Kyle Polansky