Greeting’s Dear One!

There is a natural flow in the Universe from which all that is comes into existence. Within the flow, there is constant movement, which can be subtle at times in the lower realms such as the third dimension. In the higher realms there is a great deal of activity unfolding that is to have great effect in our experiences here on Earth. Souls have contracted their life plans with blueprints and agreements upon countless subjects and areas of creation.

The times in our lives when we feel the most inactivity is the moments where there is the most activity in the higher realms. This can be likened to boarding a plane; the most felt experiences are the take off and landing. However the most progress made is during the movement in the air, high above the clouds. When we are flying high, we don’t necessarily feel like we are making much progress. During this flight time we are required to have faith and trust that in due time we will reach our destination. Life is much like this, in surrendering to the flow of life; it requires faith and trust that the end goal is already manifested. We are just going along for the ride.

Surrendering to the flow of life, with faith and trust. Without faith and trust, we will be going along the flow of life with angst. Lack of trust in life creates anxiety and fear. Regardless you are still going to reach your destination, the ride will just be less enjoyable. Take a brief reflection at all the times in your life you had fear, of letting go, of moving forward, of progress, of taking a risk. In any moment, you made it through stronger than before, wiser and richer in experience. These steps can be made smoother when we apply complete trust and faith to our surrendering to life, to our existence here on this planet. I encourage you to practice surrendering each day to whatever you believe in, God, Source, The Universe, more. Whatever that is for you. Feel and know that you are divinely guided at all times. Trust and have faith that all is working out for you always, in every way; you are becoming better and better every day. You are protected and guided. Trust.

Sending you love and healing,
Kyle Polansky