The discovery of music online in a saturated market can be tricky, but cream always has a way of rising to the top. During this information age, more and more artists that are young and focused are coming out of the gate fresh, sure of themselves, independent and always ready for the next play. And man do they have so much heart, authentic swag and super dope visuals to go along with it all.

This heART of Cool (HoC) Music Mondays is featured on a new artist on the scene that is taking the time to build her brand from the ground up, creating a lane of her very own. A New Jersey girl with a wicked flow, catchy lyrics and melodies for days. They call her Pineapple CITI, CITI for short. And if you ever talk to her, you will quickly find out that she represents New Jersey ALL day.

With over 5 million views across social media channels, the track, “Rose Colored”, off her EP, SPILLED PINEAPPLES, is going viral. Fans from Dubai, Columbia, the US and more are dancing to the record and posting it on their social media platforms, while they #RoseColoredChallenge.

Make sure you check out the “Rose Colored” music video and check out CITI’S new record, “Pepsi“, while you are at it. You might as well get acclimated to her world because she is just getting started.

For more information about CITI, check out and social media channels below:

Twitter – @CitiFrresh

Instagram- @Theyloveciti

Facebook- PineappleCiti

YouTube- pineapple Citi

💜Love & Light🌞,