HOLD UP. WAIT A MINUTE. And STOP THE PRESS! Has anyone seen Teyana Taylor in The NEW SIZZLING HOT music video, “Fade“, that Kanye West released at the MTV Video Music Awards last night? Talk about OVER THE TOP in an understated FLASH DANCE type of way.

Miss Taylor’s body was the main spectacle and her dancing was the energy that unleashed the spectacular performance. She was quite out of this world. And it was brilliantly clear that she was not new to this, yet she was and is TRUE to this thing called the gym of LIFE.

In fact, on Instagram we caught wind of the general sentiment and that is “Teyana Taylor did for gym memberships what Beyoncé did for Red Lobster”. HYSTERICAL, but most certainly true. Looks like Equinox needs to be throwing Miss Taylor some coins because by the looks of the video last night, girlfriend most certainly COMMITTED to something. And she just had a baby…. We call that the snap back!

Mr. West took advantage of his free reign MTV gifted him and not only unveiled “Fade” last night, but also shared a witty and authentic stream of consciousness that everyone was anticipating. Check out his sentiments above and check out 30 seconds of the new video “Fade”. The full video is available on TIDAL.  Both get the heART of cool STAMP!

ALWAYS REMEMBER: Authenticity trumps everything trivial in the end!

💜Love & Light🌞,
Cristen M. Mills