Greetings! Welcome to another transmission of light information.

There is a pandemonium of epidemics around the world at this time. Have you noticed? It’s hard not to as the news of chaos is in your face all day long.. There is this wide spread panic throughout our ‘United States’ of America, where we are living more so in a United States of Controlled Terror than in the Land of the Free. Fear and worry are spread more rapidly than the fires in California’s forests. Why do you think there is so much focus on panic and delusionary acts?


Have you ever seen how Dolphins hunt together and guide large schools of fish into easily contained and manipulatable swarms of pray? They perform this artful dance of control with frequency. Dolphins emit a synchronized frequency which instills confusion and fear into the unsuspecting prey. This frequency control helps them change the smaller fishes natural course into a direction that they didn’t originally intend, throwing them off into confusion based panic. In this tactic of control, the smaller fish are easy victims of subconscious manipulation.

We are all frequency-based beings; we operate on a vibrational level. Our thoughts, words and actions all emote frequencies that determine our alignment with our Selves. World News, which is based mostly on fear, panic, pain or destruction, has great harmful effects on your vibrational state. We are affected both consciously and unconsciously by what we are consuming both visually and audibly. I invite you to filter out all negativity in your life, this means being very selective about what you watch and listen to.


Now is a time of great energetic shifts, I encourage you to tune out of the world news and tap into YOU! Devote this time of change to releasing all that no longer serves you or resonates with your new way of being. As you begin to take notice and to focus on how you feel, you will begin to attract the life that you desire to live.

Sending you all love and healing energies,
Kyle Polansky