Lithuania-based artist, Kot Bonkers, is an uncommon common ultra cool illustrator, who has a powerful voice and an invaluable message through her illustrations for generation y, the millenials and everyone else on the planet. Some where between self-love and self-hate, the inspiration derived from her talking head picassoesque collection, strike brilliantly horrific and joyfully euphoric ideas of the self-sabatoging or self-elevating thoughts that roam around the universe between our ears known as our brain.

This beautiful creative innovator is all about self-expression and keeping the art pure, intending its impact to be for the benefit of the people on the planet as opposed to capitalistic self-interests. Having painted since her early years, Bonkers truly considers her artform to be a hobby, a gift that she passionately enjoys from the heart, desiring to keep the energy in her illustrations pure. In an interview on, Bonker’s admits the challenging duality of Art and Commerce as she explains,
“I did try to make money [off of my illustrations],” she says, “but it just became another thing that became superficial…[when you freelance,] you lose the little thing that you made for yourself. It loses its purpose if you do that.” And what is the purpose of doing what you love if you lose the underatanding of the Y behind that which you hold most dear and that literally makes up the fabric of your being?

It is no wonder why this beautiful bursting energy of light would want to protect the energy surrounding her socially engaging  messages carried in her electryfying body of work. If selfish interests get in the way, her art loses the most intangible value as her Art is the message; and the messages that she is relaying, are some of the most critical messages that everyone across the globe is searching for the answers to.

I am so honored, but most certainly not surprised to learn about Bonkers through Willow Smith. It would only make sense that one of the representatives of THE FUTURE in its purest forms on this planet, would unveil such a beautiful and authentic expression of Art.

Life is a journey and our brains at times complicate it as there is so many lessons to process and so many illusions to unveil. So take some time to really take in the power that Bonkers is empowering all who witness her creations to embark upon and manifest because let’s face it;  as they say, you are what you think!

💜Love & Light🌞,
Cristen M. Mills