The days are just becoming more and more exciting as I go and that is expected of course, especially when you are living your dream with the people you love dearly!


The future of car buying is developing daily and in real time and this will force us as humans to try and keep up with TECHNOLOGY. ROLLS-ROYCE may be the first company to take us to that level. ROLLS released its latest visuals for the concept vehicle and it is causing as much havoc as the MAYBACH. This is expected with them both being in the LUXURY SUPER CAR family of couse, but still is an exciting wonder to see.


The only thing that you will truly have to worry about is making up your mind about the custom requests you will have for this vehicle; and that is for sure! ROLLS-ROYCE has been a company to perfect the customization process and this is what has made them a long standing exotic car company. And this concept is the most intricate I have seen in a few years.


I have been researching exotic super cars for over 10 years, so I have a bit of an idea of where it is headed. And, to me, this dynamic innovation just may be the final stop.


The ROLLS-ROYCE will come with a built in driver and server, similar to SURI. She will drive as well as be your personal attendant in the vehicle. ROLLS says that they thought through every need of the request system all the way down to her being able to read stress levels and know when you have had a hard day, activating built in massagers in the seat. Now this is the new way of transportation.


ROLLS has not yet released a date on when this concept will come alive, but I cannot imagine seeing one of these on the street.  I truly think this will be a car that will change the face of motor vehicles! However, time will always tell as Miss Cristen Mills says.

Signing Off!