Fall seems to always bring a resurgence of style. That kick in the butt that tells you there’s something more to your wardrobe than maxi dresses and swimsuits. It is no secret that New York Fashion Week spearheads the movement – reading all of the September books and catching the runway recaps ignites something deep down.

Get ready for the usual cozy elements like furs, knits, shearlings and winter whites but check out the revival of gypsy-esque fashion such as exotics snake, ostrich and furs with dark colour palettes. Making a HUGE splash on the scene will be fringe and if you take a peak around it has begun to make its appearance. Call it “String Fever” from Hermés to Forever21 this trend projects a carefree yet controlled style.

From modest to extreme cement your look this fall in what speaks to you!

Xx DK, HOC Contributor