Agnes Varde and JR have made a powerful creative connection and I have literally been waiting on it!!!!!

AGNES VARDE to those who are not familiar is an 87 year old renowned Director who was born in Belgium, but has spent most of her time living in France. This woman’s films, photographs and art installs are literally breathtaking and have very strong focuses on feminist issues! Partnered with a bit  social commentary and a splash of style this could never be duplicated. JR is someone everyone hears me speak of but if you have been a part of the family you’ve seen the articles! He has this thing about people that I find so intriguing. His art says it all, but when you put him and Agnes together this changes the game.
Now it has not been confirmed yet but it is said that Agnes and JR will be co- directing a film together. He made a mini announcement on his Instagram via video that was really cool! Very few people have had the actual pleasure in coming in contact with Agnes and most have no clue who she truly is. This truth is so dynamic to me. Agnes was seen last week in NY with Jr. pushing an oversized beach ball down the streets of NY. This is so groovy! Could you imagine seeing her on the streets actually doing something like that?? I totally could but what is funny is most had no clue what was going on! Onlookers asked questions but no one could really get the drift. However, I believe I got it thousands of miles away.

JR and Agnes have started a go fund me to start asking for capitol to shoot this docu style film they are looking to shoot. A date has not been confirmed but we know for sure it is in the works!!


Signing Off!