In this journey as a human being, we are subjected to a grand scheme of trials and tribulations. Why is this you may ask? I believe that one of the reasons is because there is a greater purpose for our lives. And in order to realize it, we have to stretch ourselves and get to know ourselves better as we grow through the experiences life introduces us to.

You natural inclination may then wonder how do we figure out what our divine purpose is in the midst of everything life seems to bring our way. Why are we incarnate in this human form? However, I challenge you to reconsider this question. The real question I would like you to follow up with when questioning your purpose is who’s the voice in your head that is doing all of the asking?

Your inquiring mind is simply the thought “I”, which once sought immediately disappears. When we turn our focus from thinking that we are our thoughts to the awareness of awareness, we then find that we are much more eternal than our thoughts could ever invite us to believe, constantly co-creating with the universe.

To know one’s purpose is to become aware of the eternal nature of our essence. Your purpose is in your being as opposed to your doing. And when you live in the awareness of awareness you begin to see the divinity in all that is. There is no one phrase or career that could sum up your purpose; for, this idea is very limiting.

Knowing that all that is resides within and without. And understanding that as above, so below.; your purpose is found within, connecting to the space in your heart. Each life has purpose and all purpose has life.

Kyle Polansky