As a human being with a conscious and subconscious mind, we have limitless options to create ourselves. We are able to pick and choose what we wish to display to others as well as the story we tell ourselves. Often in our life we are faced with experiences easily interpreted as less than desirable. At the time of a traumatic event, our conscious mind fragments. When there is an element of trauma, it is partly fragmented and moved to the subconscious as a necessary survival mechanism. In this way, we are able to better cope with what we’ve experienced.


During this fragmenting of our conscious minds, we repress certain experiences to save our current state of expression. Metaphorically we bandage that which hurts and turn away from it. This painful experience is never fully acknowledged, accepted, forgiven and healed from an over soul type of review. It stays within the auric field and muddies our current expression no matter how far away it appears.


Part of the journey of human nature is of experiencing the dichotomy of light and darkness. We are here to experience a wide range of emotions that shape us into the divine spiritual beings that we have always and will always be. Through inward focus, meditation and energetic healing we are able to return to these repressed traumas to gain understanding to apply forgiveness and accept all that we are. Through deep introspective reflection with a neutral point of view, we are able to heal ourselves from all pain and fear.

I encourage you to seek out parts of yourself that you have strategically placed in the back of your current expression. This type of healthy review is an energetic cleansing of your field. Through healing the traumatic experiences we have lived through, we become a greater version of Self. As we transcend our own limitations, we are able to show up more illuminated for others and the world. We are all reflections of each other, the cleaner your mirroring is the greater your benefit to the world and your Self. Thank you sincerely for doing the work, it is not always easy—but isn’t that how we want it to be?


Sending you all light and healing energies,
Kyle Polansky