So, it is no surprise that COMMON, the OG of this lyrical artform called Hip Hop, has found his way quickly back on heART of cool music mondays. With Americans up in a flux, bewildered, dazed and confused after we elected Donald Trump to be our President Elect,  it appears that the masses are a little bit more inclined to listen to lyrics that actually are saying something of substance these days.

Consequently, “Black America Again”, is getting its proper shine, radiating rays of colossal political importance and making sure that injustice does not go unchallenged. And outside of the mere fact that cream ALWAYS rises to the top and COMMON has always been one of the most unparalleled and gifted emcees of his time, there also appears to be a planetary shift happening and it is causing a huge AWAKENING. I am not just on my hyroglyphics rant either as my colleagues often claim. This is real talk!

Why do you think Atlanta Trap Legend, Gucci Mane and Pusha T hopped on the “Black America Again” remix to add even more perspective to what the iconic Stevie Wonder and endless hyphenated COMMON concocted? Well, listen to Gucci Mane’s topline because he even makes mention of the surprising grand collaboration that speaks to his own human evolution, “Gucci Mane and Common, did you see that comin’?”…. Well, I know I didn’t.

Seems like Gucci Mane had quite a few revelations and epiphanies while he was in the midst of the prison industrial complex and he has made a beautiful, inspirational and might I add wealthy transformation!

Shot out to BJ Chicago Kid, who is on the hook and Mr. Karriem Riggins, who produced Black America Again”. And be sure to check out the remix on COMMON’s soundcloud becuase we want to know what you think about this collabo that hit us from nowhere, yet everywhere at that same time ?.

💜Love & Light🌞,