Wait wait wait a minute as King Phreshurr says!

As I right this article, I totally have BLACK BEETLES blasting in my ears! Oh what is that you ask?? JUST A FEW ROCK STARS.

These guys by the name of RAE SREMMURD are an absolute smash and that’s to say the least! I have literally loved these guys since Cristen and I met them in Atlanta and we hadn’t heard ANY music, but I knew they were special.


Well, since I have heard a few songs and followed them for a bit I gotta make it known that I’m a fan; and not like a typical fan. This is more like a congratulations hard work pays off kind of fan!

Mike will found these brothers and as I said before it was the best thing that happened to his career. It truly allowed the masses to see how much of a musical genius this guy is.


Today was a big day for MIKE WILL, RAE SREMMURD and GUCCI MANE as their record BLACK BEETLES hit BILLBOARD hot 100!!!! For anyone in music you understand that this is a very hard thing to do and takes endless love and support from the fans, and Rae Sremmurd sure has those!! These modern day rock stars have done it again and this time for the books.

The cover of the billboard photo shoot has been the talk of the industry for the past day and is still making crazy traction. The guys always look great, I must say, but this cover shoot they took it up quite a bit! Of course we hear all the fly statements about the vintage GUCCI jackets, but they truly mean what they say! The black beetles record has been in rotation going on 3 weeks and has clearly been climbing the charts rapidly. They are really showing us that FASHION and imaging really still does matter when you want to present the best brand.

They really are the modern day Cris X Cross and it’s a beautiful thing!

Signing Off!