Greetings! Today we are discussing the matter of etheric implants from our personal relationships.

As vibrational beings, we are very much like magnets. We attract everything that we are thinking of, speaking of and surrounding our being with. This means that when we have a relationship with someone, we are reflecting certain aspects of this person. Intimate relationships affect our etheric fields on another level. As we become intimate with another being, our two individual energetic fields merge as one.


With merging of auric fields, this means we share more than just our physical experience. We can take on our partner’s energy, emotions, trauma and even certain attachments. This at times can be confusing, so it is important to be clear with our partners what we are experiencing. It is important to work on your personal vibrational field, as this will assist you both in elevating in vibration. When one spoon begins to resonate higher, the other spoons around begin to vibrate at the similar rate.

We also carry with us cords from our past relationships, sometimes our ex-lovers may reach out to us or we may have an unexpected thought of them. Depending on the terms of how the relationship ended, we can be affected in many ways. It is important to heal from the relationship, accept what was and forgive and love the rest. With this, we allow for the cord of energy to fall apart and to separate our connection with this person.


We are much more than physical beings, be aware of where your energy is flowing. Pay attention to what relationships give you energy and if there is any that take away energy or drain you. This is an important time in your life to focus on your vibration and elevation. The more you give to your self, the more all of us will benefit and shine in your presence.


Sending you all love and healing energies,
Kyle Polansky