Fitness goals are among the top 3 desired objectives when it comes to people all around the globe manifesting their New Year Resolutions. Gym membership sales are at an all time high and cold pressed juices are flying off the shelf right about now. And I understand as HEALTH IS WEALTH and achieving the best physical version of yourself on this planet is such an awesome and rewarding experience, despite the shortness of breath and aches that may come along with the process😉.

In a world filled with demands and pressures and routines, most people find it challenging to squeeze in a workout consistently. However, what if I told you that LESS IS MORE and you could workout for just 30 minutes a day to realize your fitness desires and to realize them rather expeditiously?

Well, light beings, that is EXACTLY what I am telling you. Check out heART Of Cool family member, Mr. Corey Taylor, on a new platform, Burner Fitness. For the seasoned athlete or the beginner, Burner fitness and Taylor brings you the ability to workout and meditate virtually no matter where you are and no matter what time of day you desire to get it in. Together, they bring to you the “Dirty 30”, coined by Niecy Nash, who is already experiencing the benefits of such a mastermind program that will give you results in record time if you simply show up for 30 minutes a day!

So, for guided meditation every day, dynamic HIIT workouts, 24/7 access to Mr. Taylor himself for questions and motivation, and even reminders if you slack off,  download the Burner Fitness app now and search: Dirty 30 with Corey Taylor.

💜Love & Light☀️,