So, this week I am writing about whatever inspires me and provokes G😎😎D feelings. And N.E.R.D.’s NO ONE EVER REALLY DIES album is absolutely a piece of Art that resonates with my spirit and soul. We all are eternal beings that come from SOURCE and never die. It may sound a little out there to you, but it’s true nonetheless and it’s a blessing. I am grateful that SOURCE is shining through N.E.R.D. & Miss Rihanna in such a creative and progressive way. This vivacious video, “Lemon”, gives me such a juicy and divine spark to shake things up for the better in 2018.

The first single on the N.E.R.D.’s 5th studio album, starring Mette Towley and choreographed by JaQuel Knight. Focused on Towley and her sweaty, glittery body doing all sorts of convicted movements after Rihanna cuts all of her hair off, I find this video to be empowering and NEXT LEVEL.

Towley is sexy, but not objectified. She is twerking, but not for the desire of attention. For this Queen needs no attention – she is Whole and she is Free and she reminds ALL of us – “You can look at me all you want, but none of this is yours.” And, the truth is, her body is not even her own. Why? Well, because it’s just a temporary avatar she is borrowing you see😉.

Directed by Todd Tourso and Scott Cudmore, and produced by Stacey Thiel, check out “Lemon” and no matter what happens in LIFE, please remember – NO ONE EVER REALLY DIES – so shine on through it all.

And, Chad Hugo, Shay Haley and Pharrell, you all get the heART Of Cool STAMP!

💜Love & Light☀️,